MPLS Summary

  • Multi Protocol Label Switching
  • MPLS is an efficient encapsulation mechanism
  • Uses “Labels” appended to packets (IP packets, AAL5 frames) for transport of data
  • MPLS packets can run on other layer 2 technologies such as ATM, FR, PPP, POS, Ethernet
  • Other layer 2 technologies can be run over an MPLS network
  • Labels can be used as designators. For example—IP prefixes, ATM VC, or a bandwidth guaranteed path
  • MPLS is a technology for delivery of IP Services
  • Allow Core routers/networking devices to switch packets based some simplified header
  • Provide a highly scalable mechanism that was topology driven rather than flow driven
  • Leverage hardware so that simple forwarding paradigm can be used
  • Hardware became better and looking up longest best match was no longer an issue
  • By associating Labels with prefixes, groups of sites or bandwidth paths or light paths new services such as MPLS VPNs and Traffic engineering, GMPLS were now possible
  • MPLS as a Foundation for Value Added Services

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